Asgcoin kindergarten blockchain

Trust a Must of Asgcoin, an important step for ASGC project

🐢 Great news friends and followers of Asgcoin 🐢

Vote to for Trust a Must here the page : 

Help us to be Trust in  please your voting is important for us


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Facebook Twitter Attention! From 11/03/2019 to 11/04/2019 there will be the ASG Coin AirDrop.  

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Coinlib exchange web listing

Facebook Twitter We are now on Coinlib the Exchange listing insert Asgcoin on it database, please follow the image link below for read more:

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Ticker change before listing

Facebook Twitter Service notice: Asg Coin change ticker from ASGC to Asgcoin. This change is necessary said our technology manager Luigi Ramelli because was developed as it in origin. This important change is a security for sellers and investor to guarantee and prevents future confusions.

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