White paper


The ASG social project is undoubtedly the most noble cryptocurrency project and focuses on an objective of great interest in Italy, that is the need to develop something useful and unique for early childhood and for children’s education. The purpose of our cryptocurrency and its use within the circuit of nursery schools, in all fun and recreational activities, represents an alternative form of payment (or complementary in some cases) for parents to meet the costs of fees and school services.

The owners will have the right to discounts and facilitations by paying for these services directly in cryptocurrency and also, in the event the quotes in the exchanges where we are listed in the future will grow, the holders will have the possibility to benefit from their sale. .

The first area where the projects is being developed is Italy, but it will be exported to all European countries. ASG coin is the result of a project that carries out with the aim of creating structures for the social sector aimed at early childhood (nursery schools). The goal of Asgcoin is to create income, through the sale of the token and then donate the money for the construction of childcare facilities in the first instance in Italy and then in Europe, with the object to support public spending for new schools.

It is now a known fact that the economic crisis has generated enormous problems for the Italian Municipalities when it comes to the opening and managing of public kindergartens , resulting in a scarcity of structures available thus creating significant difficulties for all those families wishing to enroll their children in a public school and, not being able to do so, have to rely on expensive private nurseryschools.

The goal is to create private and subsidized private facilities supported by the Euro / Asgcoin in order to guarantee also to less well-to-do families the possibility to benefit from an essential primary education with proper communication and play with their peers.

The lack of these structures is a very sensitive topic in this period but the response from the public administration appears to be slow and most of the times totally absent or not adequate, for this reason we were born as a project in order to make up for this situation which has become unsustainable In order to achieve our goal, we are also affiliating other activities which are adopting Asgcoin as an alternative method of payment i, also for other structures not linked to the world of childhood.

Update 12/04/2019

Asgcoin was born as a utility token for nursery schools, but many companies in other sectors have decided to adopt our token as a form of payment. For this reason, to thank all those who are supporting the Asgcoin project, we have decided to open the doors to other activities in other sectors that intend to use the Asgcoin token as a digital currency, even if we do not forget that cryptocurrency of Asgcoin was born precisely for nursery schools. We warmly thank all those who, despite not being in the sector of our interest, are nonetheless giving their precious help joining the Asgcoin circuit.

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